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Windows are, without a doubt, among the most essential components of any household, and have to be installed with caution to ensure they last longer and add an unmatched visual appeal to the property. At Lone Star Windows & Home Enhancement, we have the right training required to deal with any window installation requirements and make sure that our offers are cost-effective. No matter the shape, size, or design you have in mind for your property, we are more than capable of ensuring that your windows are installed with absolute perfection. Our skills have made us the trusted choice across the greater Richardson, TX area.

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Our Services Include

Residential Window Installation

 Residential Window Installation

Our window installation service is focused on being as systematic, detail-oriented, and as safe as possible. Working with windows and ensuring that the glass does not crack easily, in the long run, is one of our strong suits. We have had the right training for this job and can often make sure that our additions are efficient and reliable for years to come with minimal upkeep. 


If you want a brand-new countertop installed and want to make sure that it resists chips and scratches, we have a wide list of options for you! Our countertops can be found in a wide range of materials with unique properties and can be tailored to the precise requirements of the customers. We also make sure that we help clients decide what would work best for their property after having a brief conversation about their expectations.
Power Washing

Power Washing

Power cleaning is considered the best way to maintain property value and increase curb appeal while getting rid of all that dirt, dust, and grime buildup that usually occurs on the exterior and the driveway. We can ensure that you are given thoroughly cleaned surfaces at cost-effective prices, and make an active effort to exceed your expectations with our hard work and unique approaches for better finishes.

Perks of Hiring Professionals

Hiring professionals to get affordable window replacement has never been easier. At Lone Star Windows & Home Enhancement, we have ensured that we are as systematic as possible and use the right materials for the job. We also complement them with superior-grade techniques as well as the best of modern-day technologies. This unique approach helps us be more efficient with our results while also ensuring that the windows we are dealing with last for years to come without any concerns.

Longer-Lasting Additions Simplified

We have made sure that, when it comes to residential window installation, there are no corners that are cut. The right professionals are assigned the job, and we double-check each step before moving on to the next. This gives us the ability to ensure that our finishes are second to none and that the customers can be incredibly happy with the final results. If you have any concerns about your window layout or just want to make sure you are hiring the right experts, read on!

We Are Now Branching Out

We have been serving our community for a long time, and have ensured that every project was executed with flawless precision. Our three decades of experience alone make us the trusted choice for many but also pair with an unmatched work ethic. Our services can now be found in the following areas:

  • Addison Town, TX
  • Lewisville, TX
  • Highland Park Town, TX
  • Fairview Town, TX
  • Heath, TX

Contact us today to hire a reliable window replacement specialist. We are cost-effective, trusted, reliable, and skilled, and even ensure that any specific requests that are mentioned to us are accommodated without any compromise. We’re happy to serve clients throughout Richardson, TX.

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